About Shingles

About Shingles

  • About 1 in every 3 people in the United States will have shingles in their lifetime.1
  • As you get older, your risk for having shingles and serious complications increases.1
  • About 10% to 18% of people who have shingles develop nerve pain that lasts for months or years after the rash goes away.1
  • CDC recommends two doses of the shingles vaccine (recombinant zoster vaccine – RZV, Shingrix)—to prevent shingles and related complications in adults 50 years and older.2
  • Shingrix is also recommended for adults 19 years and older who have weakened immune systems because of disease or therapy.2
  • Despite these recommendations, the percentage of adults aged 60 and over who have ever received a shingles vaccine is 33.4%.3
  • Non-Hispanic white adults (38.6%) are more likely to have ever received a shingles vaccine than both non-Hispanic black (18.8%) adults and Hispanic (19.5%) adults.3
  • Vaccination rates among adults aged 60 and older in the South Atlantic and East South Central United States are significantly lower than the U.S. average.3
  • Shingles vaccines are widely available in your local pharmacy or through your doctor’s office.
  • Getting a shingles vaccine is the best way for you to protect yourself against this painful disease.


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